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Burke Lake Gardens

Senior Living Facility

The Burke Lake Gardens Commitment 

To Provide Security, Financial Stability, Social and Emotional Support and a Loving, Caring Environment. Burke Lake Gardens is Dedicated to the Philosophy that One's Later Years Should be Years of Independence, Creativity and Enjoyment and it is Our Goal to Make this a Reality.

We are NOT currently accepting housing applications due to high volume wait-list.

Arlington Assemblies of God

Arlington Assemblies of God Housing Corp.

Arlington Assembly of God is a Holy Bible believing, full gospel, spirit filled church whose primary focus is on World Missions.  Over the 75 years we have existed we have helped people in countries around the globe.  It is our hope that we created servants of Jesus who can go out and bring Jesus to ALL parts of the world everyday.  We have a international congregation where all are welcome.  http://arlingtonag.org/home

Our mission statement is    "Reaching YOU that YOU Might Reach the World!"

Burke Lake Gardens


Burke Lake Gardens offers 100 garden apartments in Burke, Virginia. Sponsored by the Arlington Assembly of God Housing Corporation, a nonprofit, organized by members of the Arlington Assemblies of God Church.  Burke Lake Gardens provides gracious housing to low income seniors. The spacious one bedroom apartments are designed to meet the needs of seniors. Apartments designed for mobility impaired individuals are available on a limited basis. Built under the Section 202/8 programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Burke Lake Gardens offers affordable housing with supportive programs creating a community...a home.

To Enhance Life at Burke Lake Gardens, a Variety of Services and Amenities are available including:

Activities, Trips, & Cultural Events

Each month we have a variety of different activities such as arts and crafts, like painting pottery, or other activities like Sudoku puzzles. Each month we also take a trip to a museum,cultural event such as the cherry blossom festival or local park to help enrich their daily experiences. 

On-Call Maintenance 

We at Burke Lake Gardens are equipped with a full maintenance staff who specializes in everything we might ever need in any situation. They are also on-call for after hours and available 24/7 in emergency situations.

Emergency Response System

As an Independent senior living facility we have no medically certified staff members. Each room is fitted with 2 different pull strings in the apartment.  In case of emergency situation, the residents can pull the string to alert us to call the emergency 911 and to person of contact for the resident.

Arts & Crafts  Room

 Each month we like to host at least one, but typically several arts and crafts activities that inspire a sense of community and fellowship among the residents of various backgrounds. The crafts range from flower arrangement to pottery painting and everything in between.

Lounge for Gatherings

In our main lobby we have a very nice and intimate setting with a TV and electric fireplace that residents and their friends and family can gather around whenever they want to watch movies or to just have a coffee and a chat.


Our facility at Burke Lake Gardens is handicap-able for people with disabilities.  We have accommodating elevators so residents can reach all the floors they wish with ease. 

Weekly Van Trips to Various Local Stores

Every week our Burke Lake Gardens Express takes our residents to different shops and stores in the local Burke market for residents basic needs and supplies as well as anything else they wish to purchase. This is a service provided to those seniors and residents who are no longer able to drive themselves, but still wish to live an independent lifestyle.


Peter Herring-Director

Director of Burke Lake Gardens, Peter is very proud to be working in such a valuable and rewarding environment and wants to make sure all who come in feel the same way.

Vivian Mercado-Resident Services Coordinator

Being in this institution is a dream come true. Working with people is not just my passion but above all a ministry. 

Schubert Magno-Building Supervisor

Schubert brings his vast experience not only in running and maintaining a commercial building, but specifically with experience at Burke Lake Gardens for years and continues his excellence. 

Indra Sohan-Housekeeping

Indra does a good job at Burke Lake Gardens keeping things looking immaculate for the past twelve years.

Manuel De Bais- Maintenance/Landscaping

Not enough can be said of the valuable work Manuel has put in for over 10 years making sure everything runs smoothly and keeping everything trim and beautiful outside for all our residents to enjoy.

Jesus Ortiz-Building Engineer

Brought on because of his extensive knowledge of building maintenance and building operations such as electronics, mechanical repairs , air condition and boiler work, keeping everything here on track.

Alexis Mercado-Maintenance/Cabinets

Another bright star on our "Dream Team" is Alexis who is first to greet a resident and first to volunteer for a job. His passion for his work is exceeded only by the quality he produces.

Bibi Singh-Receptionist/Bingo

A wonderful cornerstone to a successful company is a competent and hardworking staff, and no one fits that bill more than Bibi who has been here for over 10 years and calling Bingo for us every Thursday Night.

Sukhibir Sandu-Receptionist

One of our newer receptionists Sukhbir has quickly grabbed hold of her job and has been fulfilling it to the best of her abilities.

Juana Ortiz-Receptionist

A long time valuable employee of Burke Lake Gardens Front Office, Juana has been a light for residents and coworkers alike.  Greeting everyone with a bright smiling face and helpful attitude, always ready to help.

Gina Agbemava-Receptionist

Perhaps one of our most longest standing employees, Gina has performed at Burke Lake Gardens for over 14 years and continues to excel.

Aimee Colfer-Events Coordinator

As an exciting addition to the team, Aimee has brought the residents some moments and experiences they will not forget.  From generous and delicious monthly dinners to arts and crafts that they  can take home with them.


Room Renovations

Residents can now enjoy 600 sq. ft apartment with  features such as wall to wall carpeting, a full kitchen, private bath and all utilities included. Our Maintenance Staff or "DREAM TEAM" has worked tirelessly since the start of the New Year to renovate our current residents' rooms as seen in the picture (LEFT) to update and modernize the room for our residents.

Walking Trail in the Woods

We at Burke Lake Gardens are blessed to have such a wonderful and beautiful property in the gorgeous Burke, Virginia area. Just this Spring our "DREAM TEAM" was able to bring a lovely addition to our residents, a walking trail that is right on the property for residents and their families to enjoy a nice stroll in the beauty of nature.

Parking Lot Signs and Lines

Another accomplishment of our illustrious "DREAM TEAM" was the updating of our communities parking lot signs and spaces indicating where residents and visitors can park. Our new parking lot signs are bolder and stand out much clearer than before and the painted lines on the ground help clear up any of the usual traffic confusion.

Security Camera Systems

One of the most successful and most special addition and recent work that we have added here at Burke Lake Gardens is our brand new wireless security camera systems that now give us the ability to record and playback 24/7 for any and all security measures and procedures. Added to our current security system the wireless security camera system gives our residents the utmost peace of mind as they carry on their days.


Applicants for residents at Burke Lake Gardens need to be at least 62 years of age. In the case of a couple, only one person is required to be 62 years old. Applicants need to meet the requirements of tenancy specified in the lease agreement. Persons are eligible for admission without regard to color, religion, sex, national origin or handicap status. Burke Lake Gardens is an equal housing opportunity business.